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Disappearance of thyroid-stimulation blocking antibody by glucocorticoid therapy in a patient with primary myxedema who developed aortitis syndrome during L-thyroxine supplementation.

A 39-year-old woman with primary myxedema, who had the potent activities of thyrotropin-binding inhibitory immunoglobulins (TBII) and thyroid-stimulation blocking antibodies (TSBAb), developed aortitis syndrome about 6 months after the initiation of L-thyroxine (L-T4) supplementation. A 35 mg daily dose of prednisolone for aortitis syndrome was initiated, and the dose was gradually reduced. TBII and TSBAb activities were gradually decreased, and both reached normal levels (7.7% and 10.1%, respectively) 3 months after the initiation of prednisolone. Therefore, dose of L-T4 was gradually reduced, and L-T4 supplementation was stopped. Subsequently, however, recurrence of hypothyroidism was not observed. These observations indicate the possibility that hypothyroidism remits with disappearance of TBII and TSBAb activities in not only neonatal cases but also adult cases.[1]


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