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Isolation of cDNAs partially encoding four Xenopus Wnt-1/int-1-related proteins and characterization of their transient expression during embryonic development.

To begin to study the functions of the Wnt-1/int-1 gene family during vertebrate development, we have isolated four Xenopus laevis cDNAs encoding the partial sequence of proteins homologous to Wnt-1/int-1. Xwnt-3, Xwnt-4, Xwnt-5A, and Xwnt-8 demonstrate between 35 and 50% amino acid identity with X. laevis Wnt-1/int-1 and most cysteine residues are conserved. Xwnt-4 and Xwnt-3 transcripts are detected only during the neurula through tadpole stages of development. Expression of Xwnt-8 is observable during gastrulation, declines during neurulation, and is undetectable by the tadpole stage of development. Xwnt-5A transcripts are most prevalent in RNA from oocytes and tadpoles, although low level expression is detected at all stages examined. The temporal changes in expression of these transcripts imply a unique role for each Xwnt during embryogenesis.[1]


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