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Allelic and ectopic interactions in recombination-defective yeast strains.

Ectopic recombination in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been investigated by examining the effects of mutations known to alter allelic recombination frequencies. A haploid yeast strain disomic for chromosome III was constructed in which allelic recombination can be monitored using leu2 heteroalleles on chromosome III and ectopic recombination can be monitored using ura3 heteroalleles on chromosomes V and II. This strain contains the spo13-1 mutation which permits haploid strains to successfully complete meiosis and which rescues many recombination-defective mutants from the associated meiotic lethality. Mutations in the genes RAD50, SPO11 and HOP1 were introduced individually into this disomic strain using transformation procedures. Mitotic and meiotic comparisons of each mutant strain with the wild-type parental strain has shown that the mutation in question has comparable effects on ectopic and allelic recombination. Similar results have been obtained using diploid strains constructed by mating MATa and MAT alpha haploid derivatives of each of the disomic strains. These data demonstrate that ectopic and allelic recombination are affected by the same gene products and suggest that the two types of recombination are mechanistically similar. In addition, the comparison of disomic and diploid strains indicates that the presence of a chromosome pairing partner during meiosis does not affect the frequency of ectopic recombination events involving nonhomologous chromosomes.[1]


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