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Pharmacokinetics of cefodizime in normal individuals and in patients with renal failure.

The pharmacokinetics of cefodizime (HR 221) were studied in 6 healthy male individuals and 12 male patients with various degrees of chronic renal failure following intravenous bolus injection of 1 g of the drug. Serum pharmacokinetics were described by an open two-compartment kinetic model. The serum levels of cefodizime exceeded the MIC90 for Enterobacteriaceae, Haemophilus influenzae and Neisseria gonorrhoeae for more than 12 h in healthy individuals and 24 h in renal failure patients. The half-life of elimination was significantly prolonged (p less than 0.001) from 2.7 +/- 0.2 h in healthy volunteers to 7.7 +/- 1.5 h in renal failure patients. The total systemic clearance decreased significantly (p less than 0.001) from 43.3 +/- 5.8 ml/h/kg in healthy volunteers to 23.2 +/- 5.6 ml/h/kg in renal failure patients. A linear correlation (r = 0.9; p less than 0.001) was found between creatinine clearance and the total systemic clearance of cefodizime. The AUC0-infinity in patients with renal failure was more than double the value in healthy volunteers. An equation to calculate the 1-gram dose interval of cefodizime in patients with compromised renal function is provided.[1]


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