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Spermidine acetylation in response to a variety of stresses in Escherichia coli.

Heat shock, cold shock, ethanol, and alkaline shift, but not hydrogen peroxide, stimulate the accumulation of monoacetylspermidine in Escherichia coli. Acetylation occurs with nearly equal frequencies at both the N1 and N8 positions of this ubiquitous polycation. Spermidine acetylation does not appear to be associated with known stress regulons, such as htpR, oxyR, and SOS. E. coli, capable of acetylating spermidine, constitutively express a spermidine acetyltransferase activity during all phases of growth, and this activity is unaffected by cold shock. A mutant strain, incapable of acetylating spermidine, does not express this enzyme activity but grows at an identical rate as the parent strain at 37 degrees C. These results demonstrate that the monoacetylation of spermidine in E. coli is regulated by some mechanism other than a stress-inducible acetyltransferase and is not essential for growth of these cells. They suggest that polyamine acetylation is involved in the responses of these organisms to a variety of chemical and physical stresses.[1]


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