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Phase II study of deoxydoxorubicin in previously untreated metastatic breast cancer.

With the objective of identifying new chemotherapeutic agents active against breast cancer, we administered the phase II agent deoxydoxorubicin (DxDx) to 25 patients who had received no prior chemotherapy for their metastatic breast cancer. A dose of 30-35 mg/M2 given at 3 week intervals resulted in a response rate of 12%. The patients were subsequently treated with a combination of 5-fluorouracil, methotrexate, vincristine, cyclophosphamide, and prednisone. A response rate of 38% was achieved with this combination as second line therapy. Toxicity of DxDx was predominantly hematopoietic. One patient developed congestive heart failure. Median survival from onset of treatment with DxDx was 39 weeks. DxDx appears to be minimally active against metastatic breast cancer. Whether the administration of phase II agents as first line therapy offers an advantage in the overall management of metastatic cancer, needs further evaluation.[1]


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