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Successful single-dose prophylaxis of Staphylococcus aureus foreign body infections in guinea pigs by fleroxacin.

Single-dose administration of fleroxacin was evaluated as a means of preventing foreign body infection due to staphylococci. Tissue cages were implanted into guinea pigs and subsequently infected (100% rate) with 10(2) or more CFU of Staphylococcus aureus Wood 46. When a single dose of 30 mg of fleroxacin or vancomycin per kg of body weight was administered intraperitoneally, bactericidal levels of the antimicrobial agent were found in the tissue cage fluid after 3 h (when guinea pigs were inoculated with S. aureus) and during the next 24 h. Either fleroxacin or vancomycin successfully prevented experimental infection in all tissue cages challenged by 10(2) CFU of S. aureus Wood 46. When tissue cages were challenged with 10(4) CFU of S. aureus Wood 46, however, fleroxacin was more effective than vancomycin (P less than 0.05) in reducing colony counts below the detection limit of 10 CFU/ml in the inflammatory fluid of all tissue cages during the initial 48 h. In contrast to their initially different actions, the effects of the antibiotics were similar after 7 days, mostly because bacterial regrowth occurred more frequently in the fleroxacin-treated than in the vancomycin-treated tissue cages. These data show that experimental infections of subcutaneous tissue cages are a useful model for studying the prophylaxis of foreign body infections with antimicrobial agents.[1]


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