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RDC8 codes for an adenosine A2 receptor with physiological constitutive activity.

The cDNA of an unidentified recently cloned G protein-coupled receptor, RDC8, has been expressed in Y1 adrenal cells, in dog thyrocytes in primary culture and in Xenopus oocytes. In all these systems this resulted in the activation of adenylyl cyclase and of the cyclic AMP cascade in the absence of any added external signal. However, this physiologically constitutive activator was inhibited by adenosine deaminase and by inhibitors of the adenosine A2 receptor. Cos 7 cells transfected with RDC8 cDNA constructs acquired binding characteristics of an adenosine A2 receptor. Moreover, RDC8 mRNA and adenosine A2 receptors display a very similar distribution in the brain. RDC8 therefore codes for an A2 adenosine receptor. Whether the physiologically constitutive activation of this receptor is entirely explained by endogeneously produced adenosine is as yet unknown.[1]


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