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Perhexiline maleate-induced cirrhosis.

The authors report the cases of 2 patients who died from cirrhosis after receiving perhexiline maleate, a drug widely used in Europe for the treatment of angina pectoris. Perhexiline maleate had been ingested for 24 and 28 mo, respectively. Manifestations of cirrhosis included jaundice, hepatic encephalopathy, ascites, and portal hypertension. Associated manifestations of intolerance to perhexiline maleate included peripheral neuropathy in 1 patient and marked weight loss in both. Histologic lesions resembled those observed in patients with alcoholic liver disease. Ultrastructural lesions included numerous enlarged lysosomes containing myeloid figures. Histochemical stains demonstrated increased phospholipid content of the hepatocytes. These findings are consistent with the view that prolonged administration of perhexiline maleate may induce both histologic lesions resembling those of alcoholic liver disease and ultrastructural and histochemical lesions resembling those of phospholipidosis.[1]


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