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Renal actions of atrial natriuretic peptide: regulation of collecting duct sodium and water transport.

ANP stimulates a profound natriuresis and diuresis by a series of concerted actions along the nephron, including stimulation of glomerular filtration and inhibition of net salt and water reabsorption in the cortical and inner medullary collecting ducts. Several actions of ANP contribute to its natriuretic and diuretic effects in the collecting duct. These include reductions in aldosterone secretion, increases in hydrostatic pressures opposing Na+ reabsorption, possible stimulation of medullary washout, and direct inhibition of salt and water transport. In both CCD and IMCD, ANP antagonizes the hydroosmotic actions of vasopressin, which leads to diuresis. The mechanisms by which ANP inhibits response to vasopressin remain unclear, although in IMCD, cGMP can duplicate the response to ANP. In CCD, ANP can inhibit Na+ reabsorption via cGMP; the transport pathway regulated by ANP is unknown. In IMCD, ANP acting via cGMP inhibits a conductive Na+ or cation channel, which appears to be on the luminal membrane.[1]


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