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Effect of tetragastrin on azaserine-induced carcinogenesis in rat pancreas.

The effect of tetragastrin on pancreatic tumors induced by azaserine was investigated in Wistar rats. Rats were given 25 weekly injections of 10 mg/kg body weight of azaserine and 1 mg/kg body weight of tetragastrin as a suspension in olive oil every other day. Carcinogen-induced pancreatic lesions were examined by histochemical techniques, and were classified as ATPase-positive or ATPase-negative. In week 62, quantitative histological analysis showed that prolonged administration of tetragastrin had little or no influence on the number and size of the carcinogen-induced pancreatic lesions, although it caused significantly increased cell proliferation, indicated by a greater labelling index of the pancreatic acinar cells.[1]


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