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A chimeric gene containing the 5' portion of atp6 is associated with cytoplasmic male-sterility of rice.

Three ATPase subunit 6 ( atp6) genes of rice mitochondria were isolated, one from normal and two from cms-Bo male-sterile cytoplasms, in order to determine whether the extra atp6 gene in cms-Bo rice plays a role in cytoplasmic male-sterility (CMS). The nucleotide sequences of all three genes were determined and analysis showed a chimeric atp6 gene (urf-rmc) as well as a normal atp6 gene in cms-Bo cytoplasm, but only the normal atp6 gene in normal cytoplasm. The urf-rmc gene is completely homologous to the normal atp6 gene from at least position -426 in the 5' flanking region to position +511 downstream from the initiation codon ATG: however, the following downstream sequence shows no homology with the normal rice atp6 gene, or any other reported sequence. Introduction of the restorer of fertility gene altered transcription of the urf-rmc gene but not the atp6 gene, indicating participation of the chimeric gene in the expression of CMS. Southern blot analysis showed that the urf-rmc gene was generated by an intramolecular recombination event in mitochondrial DNA, and the homologous recombination point between the atp6 gene and the opposite ancestral sequence was identified as 5'-TTCCCTC-3'.[1]


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