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Ethanol-induced iron mobilization: role of acetaldehyde-aldehyde oxidase generated superoxide.

Superoxide radicals, a species known to mobilize ferritin iron, and their interaction with catalytic iron have been implicated in the pathogenesis of alcohol-induced liver injury. The mechanism(s) by which ethanol metabolism generates free radicals and mobilizes catalytic iron, however, is not fully defined. In this investigation the role of hepatic aldehyde oxidase in the mobilization of catalytic iron from ferritin was studied in vitro. Iron mobilization due to the metabolism of ethanol to acetaldehyde by alcohol dehydrogenase was increased 100% by the addition of aldehyde oxidase. Iron release was favored by low pH and low oxygen concentration. Mobilization of iron due to acetaldehyde metabolism by aldehyde oxidase was completely inhibited by superoxide dismutase but not by catalase suggesting that superoxide radicals mediate mobilization. Acetaldehyde-aldehyde oxidase mediated reduction of ferritin iron was facilitated by incubation with menadione, an electron acceptor for aldehyde oxidase. Mobilization of ferritin iron due to the metabolism of acetaldehyde by aldehyde oxidase may be a fundamental mechanism of alcohol-induced liver injury.[1]


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