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Gene Review

Adh1  -  alcohol dehydrogenase 1 (class I)

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Adh, Adh-1, Adh1a, Adh1c, Alcohol dehydrogenase 1, ...
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Disease relevance of Adh1


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High impact information on Adh1

  • This negligible metabolism was predictable from the low affinity of gastric ADH for ethanol [10].
  • In contrast, gastric ADH has a high affinity for octanol, and 66% of this compound was metabolized during gastric absorption [10].
  • Compared with the liver, FAEE synthase activity in the pancreas is greater, whereas that of ADH is much less [11].
  • Inhibition of ADH by 4MP prevented ethanol-induced cell activation [12].
  • These changes were prevented by the antioxidant vitamin E. Stellate cells exhibited ethanol-inducible ADH activity [12].

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