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Hydroxyl radical scavenging and antipsoriatic activity of benzoic acid derivatives.

The hydroxyl radical scavenging and antipsoriatic activity of a number of lipophilic and hydrophilic benzoic acid derivatives was investigated. To quantify antioxidative effects, a newly introduced test system based on the diminution of the ESR signal of DMPO-OH (generated by Fenton's reagent) by the tested compounds was applied. It was found that the in vitro antioxidative (toward hydroxyl radical) activity of benzoic acid esters decreases with increasing chain length whereas the antipsoriatic activity increases. This effect is discussed in terms of a larger lipophilicity of long-chain esters. Propyl gallate was found to be the most active OH scavenger since it is some orders of magnitude more efficient than "model" antioxidants like alpha-tocopherol or mannitol. The highest antipsoriatic activity was exhibited by hydroxy benzoic acid decyl ester.[1]


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