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Ghrelin and muscle metabolism in chronic uremia.

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are prone to nutritional complications with negative prognostic impact. In particular, protein-energy wasting is a major CKD-associated clinical burden, and emerging evidence indicates that clustered metabolic alterations, including inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance, contribute to loss of skeletal muscle mass. Ghrelin is a gastric hormone discovered in its acylated form and extensively studied for its appetite-stimulating effect. Further studies have shown that ghrelin may positively modulate systemic inflammation and insulin action. In addition, a role of ghrelin in the regulation of redox state has been described in vitro. Ghrelin treatment could therefore represent a potential comprehensive therapeutic approach for CKD-related metabolic and nutritional complications, and evidence supporting this hypothesis has emerged in clinical and experimental CKD. Clinical trials of ghrelin administration are needed to test the hypothesis that ghrelin may chronically improve nutritional status and outcome in CKD patients.[1]


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