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Disease relevance of Uremia


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Chemical compound and disease context of Uremia

  • We performed detailed studies of renal function in two of five related patients with normal serum creatinine levels to determine the mechanism of their chronic azotemia [12].
  • Familial azotemia. Impaired urea excretion despite normal renal function [12].
  • A selective decrease of hepatic triglyceride lipase with normal lipoprotein lipase was found in conservatively treated uremia and in patients undergoing hemodialysis [13].
  • Although the mechanism for the impairment of nitrogen use caused by High Nitrogen Vivonex is unknown, its low biologic value and tendency to cause azotemia should be kept in mind [14].
  • Biotin for neurologic disorders of uremia [15].

Biological context of Uremia


Anatomical context of Uremia


Gene context of Uremia

  • The data provide one possible pathway for the participation of excess PTH in the genesis of the anemia of uremia [26].
  • Corrected leptin levels were elevated. db/db mice and MC4-RKO mice resisted the cachexic effects of uremia on weight gain, body composition, and metabolic rate [17].
  • The ability of plasma from individual uremic patients to inhibit TPMT also correlated with its ability to inhibit two other drug metabolizing methyltransferases in the RBC, catechol-O-methyltransferase and phenol-O-methyltransferase, RBC TMT activity is not altered in patients with uremia [27].
  • Despite the reduction of hepatic IGF-I mRNA abundance, plasma IGF-I levels in uremia were not different from ad libitum-fed controls [28].
  • By Northern blot analysis, hepatic IGFBP-1 mRNA levels in uremia were 2-fold higher than in controls [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Uremia


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