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Nutritional Status

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Disease relevance of Nutritional Status


Psychiatry related information on Nutritional Status


High impact information on Nutritional Status

  • These data suggest that intricate developmental decisions are coordinated with nutritional status and tissue growth by the InR signaling pathway [11].
  • We determined the effects of reductions in blood urea nitrogen concentrations during dialysis and changes in serum albumin concentrations, as an indicator of nutritional status, on mortality in a large group of patients treated with hemodialysis [12].
  • They had lower sweat chloride values at diagnosis, normal nutritional status, and better pulmonary function after adjustment for age [13].
  • Our findings suggest a new role for leptin in linking nutritional status to cognate cellular immune function, and provide a molecular mechanism to account for the immune dysfunction observed in starvation [14].
  • Numerous studies have revealed an association between nutritional status, adiposity, and reproductive maturity [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Nutritional Status


Biological context of Nutritional Status


Anatomical context of Nutritional Status


Associations of Nutritional Status with chemical compounds


Gene context of Nutritional Status

  • Transcription of TRP1 in P. blakesleeanus did not appear to be regulated by light or by the nutritional status of the culture [36].
  • The magnitude and adequacy of the stress responses depend on the preceding nutritional status as assessed by TTR plasma levels and are proportionate to the severity of insult [37].
  • BPI release is probably mediated by non-complement factors and may be related to the nutritional status of the patient [38].
  • For these 2 diseases, SHBG is a reliable marker of nutritional status, is unrelated to either C-reactive protein or cystatin-C, and may be helpful in distinguishing kwashiorkor from marasmus and as a follow-up marker after refeeding [39].
  • These data suggest that AGRP mRNA might be affected by leptin and nutritional status in parallel with NPY mRNA [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nutritional Status


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