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Structure of the 68-kDa neurofilament gene and regulation of its expression.

The complete structure of the mouse 68-kDa neurofilament (NF-L) gene was elucidated. We cloned cDNAs corresponding to 3.5- and 2.3-kb NF-L mRNA, including their polyadenylation sites. Sequence analysis revealed that these NF-L mRNAs arose from the alternative use of two polyadenylation sites in exon 4. Promoter analysis using NF-L promoter-beta-galactosidase fusion plasmids determined regions responsible for its basic promoter activity, which were located between -328 and -36 base pairs from the transcription initiation site. These promoter fusion plasmids induced a significant level of beta-galactosidase in NF-nonproducing C6 cells as well as in NF-producing PC12h cells. The in vitro transcription assay using HeLa cell extract also showed that this promoter exhibited strong transcriptional activity. Little difference in NF-L mRNA stability was observed between the two cells. However, nuclear run-off assay revealed that the NF-L gene was not transcribed in NF-nonproducing C6 cells. These data suggest that the strong promoter activity of the NF-L gene is repressed in vivo at the transcription initiation level in a tissue-specific manner.[1]


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