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Health, attitudes and beliefs of working women.

A cross-sectional case-control study was conducted comparing working women employed by the Women's Work Centres of the Orangi Pilot Project with non-working matched controls. Differences in the knowledge, attitude and practice of several variables were elicited. Working women's families had significantly higher immunization rates, 73% vs 55%, and shorter duration of illness, 5.9 days vs 8.8 days, compared to controls. More working than non-working women supported contraception, 100% vs 74%, desired equal education for sons and daughters (P less than 0.005), and had a dominant role in family health decision-making, 48% vs 12%. We conclude that these working women in Orangi have a different set of beliefs and practices than non-working women and this may be one important factor responsible for the lower morbidity in their children.[1]


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