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Feasibility spectrum for Doppler flowmetry of splanchnic vessels. In normal and cirrhotic populations.

The calculation of absolute blood flow by Doppler flowmetry requires adequate visualization of a vessel in both transverse and longitudinal planes and an insonating angle less than 60 degrees. The percentage of the splanchnic vessels in a given population in which these criteria could be fulfilled (ie, the feasibility spectrum) is not known. To identify this spectrum in our patient sample, 100 consecutive nonselected patients (58 female, 42 male) and 34 cirrhotics (31 male, three female) were prospectively studied. In addition, from the group of 42 nonselected patients, 31 males with no evidence of liver disease were matched for age, weight, and height with the 31 male cirrhotics. The echo-Doppler feasibility ( EDF; success percentage) was determined for the hepatic, superior mesenteric, and splenic arteries and portal, superior mesenteric, and splenic veins. In the nonselected sample, the EDF varied from 86% for the portal vein to 60% for the superior mesenteric artery. In cirrhotics, the EDF ranged from 88% for portal vein to 29% in splenic artery. The total EDF for the nonselected sample (68%) was significantly higher than the EDF for cirrhotics (54%; P less than .001). Physical factors (weight, age, height, and sex) affected the EDF in the nonselected patient sample but not in cirrhotics. We conclude that analysis of EDF of splanchnic vessels in these groups clearly demonstrates that the composition of the patient sample has an important bearing on the feasibility spectrum of Doppler study. Female subjects who are thin, young, and short and lighter male patients are better candidates for abdominal Doppler flowmetry.[1]


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