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Effect of exposure to calcium entry blockers on doxorubicin accumulation and cytotoxicity in multidrug-resistant cells.

Flow cytometry has been used to measure doxorubicin (DOX) retention in several pairs of drug-sensitive and multidrug-resistant (MDR) cell lines and in unselected human tumor cell lines. Co-exposure to several agents that have been reported to reverse multidrug resistance, particularly calcium entry blockers (CEBs), produced a dose-dependent increase in DOX accumulation in MDR cell lines. In MDR Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHRC5), DOX levels declined rapidly following removal of CEBs, reaching a plateau value above that found in cells treated with DOX alone; this small increase probably represents DOX that is not accessible to the p170 efflux pump overexpressed in these cells. Increased DOX retention could be observed even after brief exposure to CEBs and washout and correlates with a decrease in cell proliferation over a 3-day growth assay. These results suggest that only a brief inhibition of drug efflux is sufficient to produce a meaningful reversal of drug resistance.[1]


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