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An experimental immunoscintigraphic study with anti- CEA monoclonal antibody ( DG2).

Monoclonal antibody D11-DG2 ( DG2) against carcinoembryonic antigen ( CEA) was examined for suitability for radioimmunodetection of human tumors grown in nude mice. Antibodies DG2 and a control antibody of the same IgG1 subclass were labeled with 131I and injected into mice bearing one of three types of CEA-containing tumors (cell lines LS 174T, HT-29 and Rec S) and/or a CEA-negative tumor (Rec R). Gamma-camera imaging and distribution studies revealed that CEA-containing tumors selectively accumulate DG2 but Rec R does not. As the tumors differ in CEA-content, the highest accumulation of 131I-DG2 (corresponding to the best scintigraphic imaging) was found in LS 174T tumors, intermediate in Rec S and lowest in HT-29 tumors. The mean tumor-to-blood ratios on the sixth day after antibody administration were 4.6, 3.2, and 2.1, respectively, in the control experiments the value of this parameter was always lower than 1. The results showed the applicability of DG2 for immunoscintigraphic studies in patients. Furthermore, a positive correlation was found between the uptake of anti- CEA antibody and CEA-content in the tumors.[1]


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