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Pancreatic cholesterol esterases. 1. Pancreatic cholesterol esterase induction during maturation.

The activities of pancreatic cholesterol esterase from calf and cow pancreas were examined in detail. A 1300-fold enhancement of enzymatic activity was found after maturation, even though cholesterol esterase activity levels in other organs did not change from the juvenile to the adult species. Radioimmunoassays also showed that the calf pancreas contained at least 100-fold less cholesterol esterase protein. Decreased amounts of protein were not due to enhanced proteolysis, since cytosol from cow pancreas degrades exogenously added cholesterol esterase faster than that from calf pancreas. Rather, enhancement of pancreatic cholesterol esterase activity associated with bovine maturation was the result of specific, increased synthesis of a 72-kDa enzyme. This labile 72-kDa cholesterol esterase species was purified to homogeneity by a two-step process in 75% yield and is the major form of bovine pancreatic cholesterol esterase (99%). A much less abundant 67-kDa species, accounting for less than 1% of total pancreatic cholesterol esterase activity, was also purified to homogeneity in a similar two-step process. These results demonstrate that a specific form of pancreatic cholesterol esterase is induced during maturation, and they bear importantly on understanding juvenile cholesterol metabolism as related to dietary absorption of this sterol.[1]


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