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Lung and heart-lung transplantation for end-stage lung disease. The Bordeaux Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Group.

Between February 1988 and December 1989, 15 combined heart-lung, 2 double lung and 5 single lung transplants were performed at our institution for end stage lung disease. The indication for heart-lung transplantation was primary lung disease with associated secondary heart failure in 11 cases, diffuse pulmonary disease with extensive adenopathy of the hilum in 2 cases and profuse and antibiotic-resistant tracheobronchial infection due to Pseudomonas in 2 cases. A double lung transplant was performed in 2 patients with hypertensive emphysema. The indication for a single lung transplantation was emphysema in 2 cases and pulmonary fibrosis in 3 cases; in this last indication, transplantation should be performed on the right side with a slight lengthening of the main bronchus to avoid the side-effects of mediastinal shift. There were 2 early deaths, 7 secondary deaths (from the 2nd to the 5th month) due to viral or bacterial infectious complications, and 1 late death in the 7th month (infection due to a syncitial virus). All 12 surviving patients have an excellent functional result; the size of the tracheal or bronchial anastomosis ranges from 85% to 100% of normal. From this experience, we conclude that specificity and severity of lung hazards are mainly related to bronchial infection, dependence on steroids and pleural adhesions. Moreover, posttransplant pulmonary oedema, mucociliary dysfunction and the differential diagnosis between rejection and infection require careful endobronchial suction and periodical sampling.[1]


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