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Lung Diseases

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  • CONCLUSIONS: In preterm infants, early administration of dexamethasone at a moderate dose has no effect on death or chronic lung disease and is associated with gastrointestinal perforation and decreased growth [12].
  • In patients with pulmonary disease, the diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide has been used to predict abnormal gas exchange in the lung [15].
  • In a double-blind trial, 85 patients, 5 to 39 years of age, with mild lung disease (forced expiratory volume in one second [FEV1], > or = 60 percent of the predicted value) were randomly assigned to receive ibuprofen or placebo orally twice daily for four years [16].
  • We reviewed the clinical courses of 171 patients with pulmonary disease due to M. tuberculosis resistant to rifampin and isoniazid who were referred to our hospital between 1973 and 1983 [17].
  • CONCLUSIONS: In preterm infants at risk for lung disease, antenatal administration of thyrotropin-releasing hormone and glucocorticoid is no more beneficial than glucocorticoid alone [18].

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