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Management of methomyl poisoning.

Eleven patients who suffered methomyl poisoning were admitted to the intensive care unit. All of them showed cholinergic symptoms similar to that produced by organophosphate insecticides but of lesser intensity. Plasma cholinesterase activity was normal in four patients and moderately lower in the remainder (always above 32%). All of the patients showed miosis and none presented with bradycardia. No complications were detected in the acute stage or on further examination a month later. The treatment applied was: (1) gastric lavage or washing the skin; (2) the administration of activated charcoal; (3) small doses of atropine according to symptoms (average of total dose 4.3 mg). All of the patients recovered within 24-48 h. In conclusion, we can assume that methomyl poisoning does not produce serious complications if moderate surveillance is assumed. Only small doses of atropine are required to counteract symptoms.[1]


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