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Enhancement of acetylcholine release during paradoxical sleep in the dorsal tegmental field of the cat brain stem.

Acetylcholine (ACh) in the brain stem has been implicated in the generation of paradoxical sleep (PS). In order to clarify the relationship between local ACh release in the dorsal tegmental field (FTD), a possible PS-generating locus, and sleep-wake states in 6 cats. ACh was measured by the method of in vivo microdialysis and high performance liquid chromatography-electrochemical detection. It is noteworthy that ACh release was about 2 times higher (P less than 0.001) during PS than during slow-wave sleep and wakefulness in FTD, but not in the caudate nucleus, a control region. ACh release in FTD appeared to begin to increase prior to the onset of PS. Electrical and chemical (glutamate) stimulations of the nucleus magnocellularis (MC) enhanced ACh release in FTD and shortened PS latency. These results suggest that this PS-related enhancement of ACh release in FTD is induced by some cholinergic projections from glutamate-receptive neurons in MC.[1]


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