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Localization of retinol-binding protein messenger RNA in the rat kidney and in perinephric fat tissue.

The cellular localization of retinol-binding protein ( RBP) messenger RNA (mRNA) in the kidney, and the developmental pattern of the renal expression of the RBP gene, were studied in the Sprague-Dawley rat. In situ hybridization studies were conducted with single-stranded cRNA probes, using sections of adult and young rat kidneys. These studies revealed specific localization of RBP mRNA in the outer stripe of the medulla, specifically localized in the S3 segment of the proximal tubules. Northern blot analysis demonstrated that RBP mRNA was not detectable in the kidney before birth or during the first week postpartum, but was clearly detected by the end of the second week of age. No RBP mRNA was observed in the kidney by in situ hybridization at 12 days of age. At 26 days of age, however, RBP mRNA was clearly detected by the in situ hybridization technique, localized in the same anatomic region as that observed in the adult kidney. Transthyretin mRNA was not detected in the adult kidney. Previous studies have shown that immunoreactive RBP is localized in the convoluted segment of the proximal tubules of the rat kidney. The present results demonstrate that RBP mRNA in the kidney is localized in an anatomic region (the S3 segment of the proximal tubules) different from that of immunoreactive RBP. In addition, an intense RBP mRNA hybridization signal was detected in the perinephric fat tissue of 26- and 40-day-old and adult rats. Further analysis of RNA from epididymal fat showed a level of RBP mRNA approximately 20% of that of liver. The function of RBP synthesized in the kidney and adipose tissue remains to be determined. We have previously hypothesized that RBP synthesized in extrahepatic tissue may function in the recycling of retinol back to the liver or to other target tissues.[1]


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