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1F7, a novel cell surface molecule, involved in helper function of CD4 cells.

We have developed a monoclonal antibody, anti-1F7, that inhibits soluble Ag-driven T cell proliferation as well as PWM-driven IgG synthesis. Anti-1F7 antibody reacts with approximately 57% of unfractionated T cells, 62% of CD4+ cells, and 54% of CD8+ cells. Although the 1F7 Ag is widely distributed among lymphoid cells, this Ag on CD4+ cells is preferentially expressed on the CDw29(4B4+) helper population. Moreover, anti-1F7 antibody further subdivides the CD4+CDw29+ cell subset into CDw29+1F7+ and CDw29+1F7- populations. The CD4+CDw29+1F7+ population of cells maximally proliferates to recall Ag such as tetanus toxoid, whereas helper function for PWM-driven IgG synthesis by B cells belongs to both the CD4+CDw29+1F7+ and CD4+CDw29+1F7- population of cells. The most prominent structure defined by this antibody is a 110-kDa molecule that is different from the 135-kDa, 160-kDa, and 185-kDa glycoproteins identified by anti-CDw29 antibody and the 180-kDa glycoprotein identified by UCHL-1 antibody. It is, however, related to the molecule recognized by anti-Ta1, an activation Ag on T cells. Furthermore, although the Ta1 molecule is recognized by anti-1F7 mAb, the 1F7 family of structures also includes molecules distinct from Ta1.[1]


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