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T-kininogen gene expression is induced during aging.

We have constructed a cDNA library from senescent (24-month-old) rat liver mRNA and, by differential screening, have selected clones corresponding to mRNA species with increased abundance in aging rats. Direct sequencing of the inserts indicated that most of the clones (9 of 10) contained sequences coding for T-kininogen, also called major acute-phase protein, cysteine protease inhibitor, or thiostatin. Nuclear elongation experiments showed that the increase in mRNA concentration was controlled at the transcriptional level. RNase mapping and S1 analysis indicated that the age-dependent induction operated preferentially at one of the three transcriptional start sites of the gene(s). The acute-phase reaction (inflammation) is known to also induce these genes at the level of transcription; however, two of the three start sites are induced by inflammation. Transcription from one of these sites was induced by both phenomena, aging and inflammation.[1]


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