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A protein tyrosine kinase involved in regulation of pp60c-src function.

We recently identified a novel protein tyrosine kinase that specifically phosphorylates truncated pp60c-src (Mr = 53,000) at a tyrosine residue(s) distinct from its autophosphorylation site. In this study, we examined whether this enzyme phosphorylates intact pp60c-src (Mr = 60,000) and determined its phosphorylation site. Non-neuronal and neuronal forms of intact pp60c-src were separately purified from the membrane fraction of neonatal rat brain by sequential column chromatographies. The novel kinase phosphorylated tyrosine residues of both forms of intact pp60c-src. The phosphorylation occurred in parallel with autophosphorylation of pp60c-src, and in both forms the final stoichiometry estimated was quite similar to that of autophosphorylation (about 5%). The enzyme also phosphorylated pp60c-src in which the kinase activity had been destroyed by an ATP analogue, p-fluorosulfonylbenzoyl 5'-adenosine. The phosphorylation site of the non-neuronal form was analyzed by sequential peptide mapping with tosylphenylalanyl chloromethyl ketone-treated trypsin and alpha-chymotrypsin. Tryptic digestion of the phosphorylated pp60c-src yielded a unique phosphopeptide that cross-reacted with an antibody specific for the carboxyl-terminal sequence of chicken pp60c-src. Digestion of the phosphopeptide with chymotrypsin yielded a product that comigrated with a synthetic phosphopeptide corresponding to the carboxyl-terminal 15 residues of chicken pp60c-src. These results clearly indicate that the carboxyl-terminal sequence of rat pp60c-src is identical to that of chicken pp60c-src, and a tyrosine residue corresponding to chicken Tyr527 is the phosphorylation site. This phosphorylation resulted in a decrease in the enolase phosphorylating activity of pp60c-src. Kinetic experiments indicated that this decrease in activity was due to a decrease in the Vmax value of pp60c-src. These findings support our previous proposal that the novel tyrosine kinase acts as a specific regulator of pp60c-src in cells.[1]


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