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Disease relevance of Chromatography


High impact information on Chromatography

  • TDF with the specific activity of 2.9 U/mg protein was purified by several chromatographies [6].
  • Using chromatographies to enrich the target and patch clamp to assay the channel activity in liposome-reconstituted fractions, we identified the MscL protein and cloned the mscL gene [7].
  • In these chromatographies, P400 protein co-migrated completely with the InsP3 binding activity [8].
  • The purification scheme includes low salt extraction followed by DEAE-cellulose ion exchange, DNase I-actin affinity, and carboxyl methyl-cellulose ion exchange chromatographies [9].
  • The reconstituted Gbeta5-RGS dimers are similar to the native retinal complex in their behavior on gel-filtration and cation-exchange chromatographies and can be immunoprecipitated with either anti-Gbeta5 or anti-RGS7 antibodies [10].

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