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Contamination of bovine (buffalo, Bubalus bubalis (L.)) milk from indoor use of DDT and HCH in malaria control programmes.

Samples of bovine (Buffalo, Bubalus bubalis (L.)) milk collected from randomly selected houses of Ludhiana and Sangrur districts of Punjab, India, where DDT and HCH, respectively, had been sprayed for the control of malaria, were analysed for insecticide residues between September 1985 and June 1986. The average concentration of DDT residues in samples from the DDT sprayed area were approximately 4-12 times higher than those in the corresponding samples from HCH sprayed areas. Mean levels of HCH residues in samples from the HCH sprayed area were greater than those in samples from DDT sprayed areas by factors of 2-11. Milk samples collected from four rural houses in each district before and after applications of DDT or HCH for mosquito control also showed that indoor use of these insecticides results in a substantial increase in residue levels. About 74% of the samples analysed contained DDT residues above the extraneous residue limit of 0.05 mgkg-1 (whole milk basis). Estimated maximum daily intakes of DDT and beta-HCH through consumption of contaminated milk by 1-3-year-old children exceeded their acceptable daily intakes by nearly three and five times, respectively.[1]


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