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Mosquito Control

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Disease relevance of Mosquito Control


High impact information on Mosquito Control


Biological context of Mosquito Control


Associations of Mosquito Control with chemical compounds

  • Malathion and DDT, used for mosquito control from 1969 to 1981, had been stored and handled at the center's first floor [10].
  • The use of S-31183 for treating wastewater lagoons at doses which are effective for mosquito control did not result in any apparent problems of environmental incompatibility [11].
  • Biological and physicochemical properties of fenitrothion microcapsules as a residual spraying formulation for mosquito control [12].
  • The impact of mosquito control on nontarget organisms using Abate-4-E was investigated in terms of immediate mortality and residual activity [13].
  • People were familiar with mosquito control activities conducted by the Malaria Control Service and, as a result, most respondents associated malaria with mosquitos [14].

Gene context of Mosquito Control

  • Milk samples collected from four rural houses in each district before and after applications of DDT or HCH for mosquito control also showed that indoor use of these insecticides results in a substantial increase in residue levels [15].


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