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Preliminary report on BoLA polymorphism in Guernsey cattle.

A total of 95 registered Guernsey cows and heifers sired by 34 bulls were typed for class I antigens encoded by the bovine major histocompatibility complex (BoLA). A panel of alloantisera was used to detect 21 of the 33 internationally recognized BoLA specificities. Fourteen BoLA specificities were detected in the herd using a standard lymphocyte microcytotoxicity test. The most frequent BoLA specificity detected was w6; but in 85% of these animals, a subtype of w6, either w17 (13.7%) or UR6.2 (34.7%), could be assigned. The next most common BoLA specificities, by frequency, were w12, w15, UR1, and w21. Specificities not detected were w2, w3, w5, w7, w11, w16, w19, w20, and w24.[1]


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