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High impact information on Guernsey


Associations of Guernsey with chemical compounds

  • Prolonged exposure to heat of Guernsey heifers increased plasma progesterone on days 2 to 19 of the first cycle and only on days 2 to 8 of the second cycle [5].
  • In a series of field experiments in Ohio involving 193 parturient cows of the Holstein and Guernsey breeds, the prophylactic efficacy of selenium and vitamin E was tested under field conditions [6].
  • The government's best offense is deference: the decision of the Supreme Court in Shalala v. Guernsey Memorial Hospital [7].

Gene context of Guernsey

  • "If you're tired of seeing young women who deliver [babies] on your doorstep, then get out of the hospital to deliver the services more effectively--go into the schools with education and prevention." That's the message that Bruce Guernsey, project director of the Denver School-Based Clinics has for hospital executives [8].


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