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Carcinoma of the ureter: a clinicopathologic study of 49 cases.

We reviewed 49 patients with urothelial tumors of the ureter: 33 male and 16 female patients with a mean age of 64.8 and 66.3 years, respectively. Median followup was 83 months. Gross hematuria was present in 29 patients and a silent kidney was found in 21. The majority of the tumors were in the distal ureter and approximately 50 per cent of the patients had synchronous or asynchronous urothelial tumors. The majority of the patients had low grade, low stage tumors (75 per cent). A total of 21 patients underwent local resection and none died of tumor. Only 1 of these 21 patients had an ipsilateral recurrence. Nephroureterectomy was performed in 24 patients and 5 of them died of ureteral tumor, including 4 in whom periureteral tumor growth initially was recorded. The prognosis of patients with papillomas or grades 1 to 3, stages Pa to P1 ureteral tumors was excellent and a conservative approach is recommended for these patients. Abuse of combination analgesics containing phenacetin, phenazone and caffeine may be a risk factor for development of ureteral tumors.[1]


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