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Larval fat body-specific gene expression in D. melanogaster.

The Pl gene, together with the LSP-1 alpha, -1 beta, and -1 gamma, LSP-2, and P6 genes, is expressed exclusively in the larval fat body of D. melanogaster during the third instar. In vivo mapping of the cis-acting regulatory sequences of the P1 gene was carried out using hybrid constructs with three different reporter genes and a combination of transient and germline transformation assays. This revealed that regulatory elements involved in the setting up of the temporal and spatial specificities of transcription of the P1 gene are located in a short DNA region immediately upstream of the mRNA transcription start. This region includes an element that behaves as a fat-body transcriptional enhancer and element(s) required for ecdysone inducibility of transcription of the P1 gene.[1]


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