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Comparative study of neuroma formation in the rat sciatic nerve after CO2 laser and scalpel neurectomy in combination with milliwatt CO2 laser "sealing".

Nerve transections of rat sciatic nerves were performed to compare scalpel neurectomy to CO2 laser neurectomy. Additionally, the effect of milliwatt CO2 laser application to the proximal nerve ending was studied. Animals were sacrificed at 1 to 9 weeks, and the neuromas were examined histologically and measured. Scalpel transections produced typical neuromas. Laser transections produced neuromas characterized by multinucleated giant cells and carbonaceous debris. There was no difference in the size of the neuromas produced by either method of transection. Milliwatt CO2 laser application to the proximal stump did not affect the size or histology of resultant neuroma formation regardless of the method of transection.[1]


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