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MHC class II A alpha and E alpha molecules determine the clonal deletion of V beta 6+ T cells. Studies with recombinant and transgenic mice.

Interactions between MHC class II genes and minor lymphocyte stimulating (Mls) associated products are responsible for clonally deleting self-reactive T cells in mice. Here we demonstrate the role of the intact I-A and I-E molecules as well as the individual A alpha and E alpha chains in the deletion of cells bearing the V beta 6 TCR. DBA/1 (H-2q, Mls-1a) mice were crossed with various inbred congenic, recombinant, and transgenic strains and the F1's were screened for V beta 6 expression. All I-E+ strains were fully permissive in deleting V beta 6+ T cells. I-E- strains expressing I-A b,f,s,k,p permitted only partial deletion, while I-Aq strains showed no deletion. Recombinant I-Aq and I-Af strains which expressed E kappa alpha chain in the absence of E beta chain showed a decrease in V beta 6+ T cells as compared to their H-2q and H-2f counterparts. Furthermore, transgenic mice expressing E kappa alpha Aq beta gene in an H-2q haplotype (E kappa alpha Aq beta?) gave similar results to that of the recombinants in deleting V beta 6 T-cells. The role of the 1-A molecule was also shown by the partial deletion of V beta 6+ T cells in H-2q mice expressing transgenic I-Ak molecules. These results demonstrate that the E alpha chain is important in the deletion of V beta 6 T-cells in Mls-1a mice. The role of A alpha chain is also implied by the permissiveness of E kappa alpha Aq beta but not Aq alpha Aq beta molecules in the deletion of V beta 6+ T cells.[1]


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