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ACTH deficiency and TSH hypersecretion in a patient with empty sella turcica.

In a 49-year-old woman with empty sella syndrome, corticotropin (ACTH) deficiency and various abnormalities, including increased thyrotropin (TSH) secretion, growth hormone (GH) deficiency, and inappropriately high insulin with early phase hypoglycemia, during an oral glucose tolerance test were found. Existence of serum antipituitary antibody suggested that the empty sella and ACTH deficiency may be caused by an autoimmune destruction of the pituitary gland. All of the accompanying abnormalities except for increased TSH secretion were corrected with glucocorticoid supplement. Thyroidal responses to an increase and decrease of endogenous TSH were qualitatively normal, indicating that the patient's TSH was biologically active and the set point of hypothalamic-pituitary feedback regulation for TSH secretion was shifted.[1]


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