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Cadmium-induced alterations of chlorpropham metabolism in isolated rat hepatocytes.

In order to investigate the various steps of chlorpropham (CIPC) metabolism which could be influenced by cadmium, isolated rat hepatocytes were incubated in the presence of CIPC (0.1 mM) and of increasing Cd concentrations (0-180 microM). The results showed that Cd accumulation in hepatocytes was in good correlation to its concentration in the incubation medium. At 90 microM Cd, hydroxylation of CIPC was only slightly decreased by 30%, while CIPC hydrolysis into 3-chloraniline was unaffected by the presence of Cd. Accordingly, unchanged CIPC increased in hepatocytes. At 27 microM Cd, free 4-hydroxychlorpropham (4-OHCIPC) increased in the intracellular medium as a consequence of a strong suppression of both sulfation and glucuronidation which was related to the strong depletion of the intracellular ATP level under the combined influences of both cadmium and free 4-OHCIPC. Acetylation of 3-chloroaniline, which represents a minor pathway of CIPC metabolism, was already markedly suppressed (43%) with the lowest Cd concentration (27 microM). These in vitro results suggest that Phase II reactions are more sensitive to Cd than Phase I processes and that Cd enhanced the CIPC cytotoxicity as shown by alterations of the membrane integrity.[1]


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