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The automated analysis of rat sperm motility following subchronic epichlorohydrin administration: methodologic and statistical considerations.

The automated analysis of sperm motion endpoints is potentially useful in identifying male reproductive toxicants and ultimately in predicting fertility in humans. The present study was designed to evaluate the automated analysis of rat sperm motility characteristics following subchronic administration of epichlorohydrin. This type of validation is a prerequisite for inclusion of sperm motion measurements in the process of reproductive risk assessment. In the present studies videotapes were made of cauda epididymal spermatozoa from Long-Evans rats, both untreated and treated with epichlorohydrin. From analysis of videotapes of control epididymal spermatozoa, the relationship of various sperm motion endpoints and settings of the CellSoft computer-assisted sperm motion analysis system (Cryo Resources, Ltd., New York, NY) is described. Optimal settings of the system for analysis of rat spermatozoa are detailed. Employing data from both control and epichlorohydrin-treated animals, a statistical methodology is described that evaluates: (1) the distributions of CellSoft generated sperm motion endpoints, (2) the correlations between these endpoints, and (3) techniques for detection of dose-related effects.[1]


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