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Sperm Motility

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Disease relevance of Sperm Motility


High impact information on Sperm Motility

  • For the 95 kd protein, the level of immunoreactivity is not related to sperm motility but is enhanced by both capacitation and sperm interaction with solubilized ZP proteins [6].
  • Creatine kinase inactivation led to an inhibition of coupled, but not uncoupled, respiration and affected the pattern of sperm motility as predicted for the disruption of an obligatory link in P transport [7].
  • On all measures of secondary-sex-organ and testicular function, heroin addicts appeared to fall between the methadone and control subjects, but, with the exception of sperm motility, the deviation from control values did not reach statisitcal significance [8].
  • Smok kinases are components of a signal cascade which may control sperm motility [9].
  • In vivo antisense experiments show that suppressed expression of Bin1b results in reduced binding of Bin1b to caput sperm and in considerable attenuation of sperm motility and progressive movement [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Sperm Motility


Biological context of Sperm Motility


Anatomical context of Sperm Motility


Associations of Sperm Motility with chemical compounds


Gene context of Sperm Motility


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sperm Motility


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