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Comparison of the effectiveness of 2-hourly versus 8-hourly subcutaneous injections of a somatostatin analog (SMS 201-995) in the treatment of acromegaly.

To determine whether sc injections of a somatostatin analog (SMS 201-995) every 2 h (q2h) is more effective than sc injections every 8 h (q8h) in achieving a constant suppression of GH levels and a more satisfactory clinical response, we studied 10 patients with acromegaly (4 newly diagnosed and 6 previously treated with bromocriptine/pituitary irradiation/transfrontal hypophysectomy). The dose of SMS 201-995 was increased from 300 micrograms/day to a maximum of 600 micrograms/day when the mean serum GH (hourly samples for 12 h) failed to be suppressed to undetectable levels in over 75% of the samples. Five patients received a 200-micrograms sc injection q8h (600 micrograms/day), and the other 5 received sc injections q2h [418 +/- 46 micrograms/day (mean +/- SE); range, 288-504 micrograms/day]. In the group receiving q2h sc SMS 201-995 there was a marked suppression of mean GH from a basal level of 77.3 +/- 24.7 mU/L to less than 5 mU/L in all five subjects. In the group receiving q8h sc SMS 201-995, mean GH was suppressed from a basal level of 82.2 +/- 21.7 to 15.4 +/- 3.3 mU/L after 6 months of therapy, and none of the patients had a mean GH level consistently less than 5 mU/L. Despite the difference in the level of GH suppression, mean serum somatomedin-C levels were decreased promptly in both groups of subjects. Associated with the decrease in somatomedin-C levels there was a marked clinical response in both groups, but improvement in clinical features and decreases in hand volumes and ring size occurred earlier in the group receiving SMS 201-995 q2h. Significant tumor shrinkage (25% to greater than 50% reduction) was observed in two patients receiving q2h injections, while a 25-50% reduction in tumor size was noted in another patient receiving q8h injections. Because of the small doses of SMS 201-995 used side-effects of abdominal discomfort and flatulence were mild and rapidly disappeared. Our results show that increasing the frequency of sc administration of the somatostatin analog from q8h to q2h leads to more marked and consistent suppression of GH levels and more rapid improvement of clinical signs. Increasing the frequency of delivery of SMS 201-995 may be an alternative to increasing the dose in some patients with acromegaly.[1]


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