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Pharmacokinetics of furegrelate after oral administration to normal humans.

Furegrelate sodium is a thromboxane synthetase inhibitor with potential for the treatment of various diseases including hypertension, thrombosis, and renal disorders. The absorption and disposition of the parent drug in normal male volunteers have been studied after single- and multiple-dose oral administration. The results from the single-dose study indicate that furegrelate is rapidly absorbed, with a Tmax of 1.0-1.7 hr, has an apparent terminal disposition rate constant of 0.12-0.17 hr-1, and is eliminated primarily by the kidney, with 62-78% of the dose excreted as parent drug. After multiple-dose oral administration for 4.5 days using a b.i.d. dosing regimen, no apparent change in the absorption, disposition, and elimination kinetics is detected and only a slight potential for drug accumulation is observed.[1]


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