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A radiochemical-high-performance liquid chromatographic assay for urate oxidase in human plasma.

Polyethylene glycol-modified urate oxidase (PEG-uricase) holds promise as a hypouricemic agent for treating gout and as an adjunct to cytolytic therapy of hematologic malignancies. Spectrophotometric assays of urate oxidase are not sensitive enough for pharmacokinetic evaluation of PEG-uricase in clinical trials. We have therefore developed a more sensitive radiochemical-HPLC assay for urate oxidase activity in untreated plasma, in which 14C in urate and in the reaction product, allantoin, is monitored in the uv detector effluent with a flow-through scintillation counter. The assay is linear with amount of enzyme and time of incubation and can detect less than 1 x 10(-5) U/ml uricase in plasma. The assay accounts for plasma samples of widely differing urate content.[1]


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