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Scintillation Counting

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Disease relevance of Scintillation Counting


High impact information on Scintillation Counting

  • Three mutant clones were established, which have remained hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase (HPRT) deficient for a period of 7 months, as shown by indirect measurements with the use of autoradiography and scintillation counting of cells exposed to [3H]hypoxanthine [6].
  • A steady-state tracer technique was employed using oxygen-15, carbon-11, and nitrogen-13 isotopes and external scintillation counting of the 511-KeV annihilation radiation common to all three radionuclides [7].
  • After ingestion of galactose (10 g per m2) labeled with 14C or 13C, breath was collected from subjects at intervals for 4 hr followed by measurement of 14CO2 by liquid scintillation counting or of 13CO2 by mass spectrometry [8].
  • Quantitation, performed by scintillation counting of 32P-dCTP incorporated into specific globin cDNA bands, showed ratios of alpha/beta-globin mRNA greater than 10-fold and greater than fivefold increased in patients with beta 0- and beta (+)-thal, respectively, as well as a relative increase in gamma-globin mRNA levels [9].
  • The resulting tritiated product, guaiacol, is readily extracted into toluene and quantified by scintillation counting [10].

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Biological context of Scintillation Counting


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Gene context of Scintillation Counting


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Scintillation Counting


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