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Growth of the syntrophic anaerobic acetogen, strain PA-1, with glucose or succinate as energy source.

Strain PA-1 (S. Barik, W.J. Brulla, and M.P. Bryant, Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 50:304-310, 1985) is an anaerobic, gram-negative rod that in pure culture decarboxylates succinate to propionate and that grows syntrophically as an acetogen with the H2 utilizer Methanospirillum hungatei if glucose, pyruvate, aspartate, or fumarate is provided. In pure culture, strain PA-1 grows optimally in a medium containing 5% ruminal fluid, 0.1% yeast extract, a 4:1 N2-CO2 gas phase, and 20 mM succinate. With the PA-1 plus M. hungatei coculture, good growth was obtained with 7.5 mM glucose and tryptophan could replace the yeast extract. Strain PA-1 in pure culture grew quite well in glucose medium if the large headspace was flushed intermittently with N2. Flushing with H2 inhibited this growth.[1]


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